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Guess what?  I received a Tassimo coffee machine from the @TassimoCanada  Twitter promotion.  It was delivered yesterday.  I’m still in shock!  I’m also using some pliers to remove my foot from my mouth.  Those beverages will go great with humble pie.

It’s a beautiful machine – much more compact than I had imagined.  Life has been so crazy the last few days that it is still in the box but I still have a week to experiment and figure it out before taking it into my final social media class (#mcsmpr on Twitter). 

I can not tell a  lie.  I’m happy to have it and to be able to share it with the class so they can see what all the fuss was about.  I’m working on getting a mug for everyone, perhaps from my husband’s employer.  Just like a kid who changes her mind I’d sort of like to keep it but I’ve decided to raffle it off to the social media class – a fun Christmas activity that will also support the new Interval House Flamborough Women’s Centre.  They have a fundraising campaign on now.

It has been an educational adventure in the twittersphere that I did not expect.  I had no idea that companies were using Twitter to promote product and… that consumers would so willingly tweet for a give-a-way.  Quite a change from the days of mailing in a single contest entry. 

I learned the value of researching a subject more thoroughly before blogging and tweeting about it.   I’m still questioning how much free advertising we consumers should give a company.  Face to face word of mouth is very different from tweeting online.  I’m a product of the sixties, when we bucked the system, revolted against the establishment and would not help a corporation get free recognition and/or advertising.  Times have changed.

I don’t want Twitter to be clogged with repetitive product tweets but I won’t rule out the possibility of tweeting again for a great give-a-way.

I also learned that you can make new friends on Twitter.  Twitter friends support each other’s brands, products and blogs.  In this hostile, cynical world that is a good thing.  So I must give a big shout out to @marcyberg from  Thanks Marcy for helping me learn about Twitter and for sending your friendly tweets my way.  I hope we can have coffee some day.  It will have to be with your machine though.


As a result of my Twitter experience with the TassimoCanada product give-a-way I decided to change the topic for my bookmarking project.  I was such a newbie!  The more I used Twitter, the more  annoyed I became by the promotion of product on the real-time site.  I came to realize that I was in the minority so I decided to educate myself about the use of  Twitter for business, specifically marketing purposes. 

I am finding Twitter harder to grasp than Facebook.  That is because it is not as social as I expected.  I was unprepared for the self-promotion of businesses, blogs and products.  The constant re-tweet of tweets to counteract the immediacy that may have been missed first time around.  Almost like seeing the same commercials on television, over and over and over.  It really has become more business oriented than Facebook which I find is mostly social.

After reading many of the articles and blogs I bookmarked I realize that TassimoCanada is not unique in using social media for promotion and marketing.  I am impressed that they don’t tweet repeatedly.  However, I do have suggestions for them.  I think it is time for TassimoCanada to make their Twitter account into more of a two-way affair.  They are offering a magnificent give-a-way in return for followers and re-tweets.  How about posting links to coupons for discounts toward the purchase of the beverage pods?  How about information about where to purchase the pods?  How about a chance to purchase the machine at a discout for followers who tried but did not receive a “free” one?

I found some good advice and articles about best practices and measurement when using Twitter for business and learned about Twitter tools I did not know existed.

Now I really want to know how the number of tweets and followers translates into sales. If that is measurable.

Here is a link to my delicious bookmarks.



It seems my posts last week about the  Bosch/Kraft Tassimo promotion were actually read by some people.  Remember how I said that it seemed the online Twitter community was much like a real community and I felt left out?  (It did seem like the machines were first awarded to established bloggers. This could be because they are so active on Twitter that they knew about it first) I became very cynical after reading so many tweets.  Then I learned about the contest.  If Twitter users first followed @TassimoCanada and then tweeted about the brand they might win a Tassimo.  Hundreds of Twitter users set out to receive one. 

I think there was some truth to my statement about online communities resembling real communities.   Someone on Twitter, who I do not know, felt sorry for me and began to tweet for me to receive one also.  A couple of her followers did the same.  That was very kind.  There are good people everywhere – both in face to face and online communities.  Thank you @marcyberg for trying to get a Tassimo machine for me.  Thanks also to @blueskies29, @LydiaFernandes and @oceansj who tweeted on my behalf.

Please know this was not my intent – to somehow attract enough attention to receive a Tassimo by being cynical. 

 I then decided if you can’t beat em, join em! I decided to see if I could receive a Tassimo in their Twitter give-a-way without tweeting ad nauseum on their behalf.  I am following @TassimoCanada and I did mention the brand in some tweets. 

If I do receive one of these machines I will take it to my social media class and brew up some quick and easy beverages for all 20 students and our esteemed instructor, Martin Waxman.  Then I know  a couple of non-profit places that may like to have such a machine in their staff room and I would make it a donation to them.  I would even buy pods/discs for them.

This experience has inspired me to learn more about how companies use Twitter and to gather the stats re the Tassimo promotion on Twitter.  Perhaps it’s no different from a phone-in or mail-in contest except now we can see everyone who enters and how often they enter.  We also see all the thank you tweets and all tweets of praise.  Will we always be so willing to tweet and RT (retweet) on behalf of a company for a give-a-way product?

 Looking back over the past month @TassimoCanada produced 15 tweets on nine different days.  They only tweeted nine days in one month but asked for others to follow them and mention them.  They were successful.

 When I did a Twitter search I saw amazing results.  Early this week there were enough tweets mentioning @TassimoCanada  in five days to fill 100 pages on .  This search site stops at 100 pages of 15 tweets per page.  So in 5 days there were 1,500 tweets – most asking for a Tassimo coffee machine.  This could mean that the company is mentioned in 3,500 tweets or more since the Smart Talk event on November 7. That’s what I call a big return on investment for Tassimo’s original 15 tweets. 

When I checked I saw that TassimoCanada joined Twitter on Sept. 25, 2009.  twittercounter shows that as of Nov. 20 (today) Tassimo Canada has 1,801 followers and is following 438. If they follow you,  your chance of receiving a machine is greatly improved.

Bosch and/or Kraft is giving away a multitude of machines( I think 300).These are in addition to those already given out at the November 7 event in Toronto. They have invested in this promotion in terms of product but are relying on Twitter users to spread the word. It is a great freebie – worth $160 to $200, depending on the retailer.  It could be argued that in return for giving away a premium prize the Tassimo company is justified in asking for lots of mentions.  

One thing is certain – sales of the beverage pods will rise.  Everyone who received a free machine will be buying the pods.  Is this the new way to advertise?  Will we see many more campaigns like this?

Maybe I should have joined the chorus sooner.  I’m not sure.  I have learned through this experience that Twitter can be whatever we want it to be.  We can follow those individuals and companies who give us the information we want.  For me, that is information about events, social media, blogs, news, health, public relations, entertainment and travel. 

Henceforth, if I feel bombarded by endless product promo and sharing of successful give-a-way procurement I will adjust whom I follow.  I won’t criticize those who are participating.  I felt very “tweepish” after doing so.  This also resulted in some justified payback. 

I have no desire to get into any more twisticuffs.  I should not have mentioned specific tweeters by name in my protest tweets. As I prepare this post I see that many people have received the latest installment of Tassimo machines and are once again gushing.  I’m ignoring it.  Meanwhile, it doesn’t look good for this tweeter to receive one – they are not following me.  Perhaps this chapter is almost closed.  Am I finissimo with Tassimo?

What do you think?  Would you multiple tweet for a company in order to receive a prize or give-a-way?  I’ve learned never to say never.

What do people at advertising agencies think?  It doesn’t cost much to run a promotion on Twitter.  I see that Tassimo also has some new print ads in addition to the Twitter promotion. 

For an objective review of this “on-demand” coffee machine visit Bargainista’s blog. This was the first blog I ever bookmarked on my home computer two years ago and it remains my favourite.  The creator, Eden Spodek, passes on information about sales, discounts and writes unbiased product reviews.  I find we have similar expectations regarding customer service.

I do want to congratulate all who received a Tassimo on demand coffee machine.  Cheers!

BACKLASH EFFECT – Is there such a thing?  I’m feeling it.

I have discovered this week that  online communities are much like every other community.  There are people who are considered to be “insiders” while some of us can be made to feel like “outsiders”.  This post could be interpreted to mean that I am feeling like sour grapes about not getting a free Tassimo machine last Saturday.  I am not. What I want is for everyone who did to stop talking about it.

You see Kraft Canada held an awesome event in Toronto on November 7 to promote their Tassimo “on-demand” coffee machine. This is the link to the event.  I would have gone for Sarah Richardson minus the coffee.  As a consumer who follows several bloggers and subscribes to their emails I heard a lot about this leading up to the event and… I registered online hoping to be one of the 1,000 who attended.  Each successful ticket holder would receive a free Tassimo machine.  I knew it would be popular and just like a contest my odds were slim but I tried.  End of story!  So I thought.

Ever since the event it has become very clear to me that the established consumer bloggers and mommy bloggers I follow were all at the event.  Every day since they have been twittering about the Tassimo machines they received and how much they LOVE it.

I’m sure the people behind this event are counting all these tweet mentions and measuring their success.  They sure got a lot of advertising from it and now I’ve provided more.  

However, there are so many repeated mentions that I’m wondering if everyone at that event was hypnotized and told to tweet at least once per day about their wonderful coffee machine.   Hey, if I got one I would have put on a great big thank you also.  I doubt I would still be promoting it five days later.

So…I am feeling like wielding the whip of backlash and boycotting the Tassimo altogether.  I can’t afford one now anyhow and there are competitors.  Is it a coincidence that Nescafe is promoting their Dolce Gusto machine a lot lately? (NO, I haven’t even looked at prices)

I can’t speak for all applicants who would have liked to be at the event but, as for me, I’ve tired of the tweets and I can honestly say it’s been a turn-off.  So much for free promos on social media.  I guess the real measure of success will be in sales of the machines -but hey, everyone who is twittering this week got theirs for free! 

Maybe it’s just me who feels this way.   Maybe I need to adjust who I follow on Twitter.  See you at Tim’s!


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