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Guess what?  I received a Tassimo coffee machine from the @TassimoCanada  Twitter promotion.  It was delivered yesterday.  I’m still in shock!  I’m also using some pliers to remove my foot from my mouth.  Those beverages will go great with humble pie.

It’s a beautiful machine – much more compact than I had imagined.  Life has been so crazy the last few days that it is still in the box but I still have a week to experiment and figure it out before taking it into my final social media class (#mcsmpr on Twitter). 

I can not tell a  lie.  I’m happy to have it and to be able to share it with the class so they can see what all the fuss was about.  I’m working on getting a mug for everyone, perhaps from my husband’s employer.  Just like a kid who changes her mind I’d sort of like to keep it but I’ve decided to raffle it off to the social media class – a fun Christmas activity that will also support the new Interval House Flamborough Women’s Centre.  They have a fundraising campaign on now.

It has been an educational adventure in the twittersphere that I did not expect.  I had no idea that companies were using Twitter to promote product and… that consumers would so willingly tweet for a give-a-way.  Quite a change from the days of mailing in a single contest entry. 

I learned the value of researching a subject more thoroughly before blogging and tweeting about it.   I’m still questioning how much free advertising we consumers should give a company.  Face to face word of mouth is very different from tweeting online.  I’m a product of the sixties, when we bucked the system, revolted against the establishment and would not help a corporation get free recognition and/or advertising.  Times have changed.

I don’t want Twitter to be clogged with repetitive product tweets but I won’t rule out the possibility of tweeting again for a great give-a-way.

I also learned that you can make new friends on Twitter.  Twitter friends support each other’s brands, products and blogs.  In this hostile, cynical world that is a good thing.  So I must give a big shout out to @marcyberg from  Thanks Marcy for helping me learn about Twitter and for sending your friendly tweets my way.  I hope we can have coffee some day.  It will have to be with your machine though.


As a result of my Twitter experience with the TassimoCanada product give-a-way I decided to change the topic for my bookmarking project.  I was such a newbie!  The more I used Twitter, the more  annoyed I became by the promotion of product on the real-time site.  I came to realize that I was in the minority so I decided to educate myself about the use of  Twitter for business, specifically marketing purposes. 

I am finding Twitter harder to grasp than Facebook.  That is because it is not as social as I expected.  I was unprepared for the self-promotion of businesses, blogs and products.  The constant re-tweet of tweets to counteract the immediacy that may have been missed first time around.  Almost like seeing the same commercials on television, over and over and over.  It really has become more business oriented than Facebook which I find is mostly social.

After reading many of the articles and blogs I bookmarked I realize that TassimoCanada is not unique in using social media for promotion and marketing.  I am impressed that they don’t tweet repeatedly.  However, I do have suggestions for them.  I think it is time for TassimoCanada to make their Twitter account into more of a two-way affair.  They are offering a magnificent give-a-way in return for followers and re-tweets.  How about posting links to coupons for discounts toward the purchase of the beverage pods?  How about information about where to purchase the pods?  How about a chance to purchase the machine at a discout for followers who tried but did not receive a “free” one?

I found some good advice and articles about best practices and measurement when using Twitter for business and learned about Twitter tools I did not know existed.

Now I really want to know how the number of tweets and followers translates into sales. If that is measurable.

Here is a link to my delicious bookmarks.

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