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“It takes a heap of living…”

Katherine Johnson, mother of my dear friend Joanne. 

Thank you for sharing your mother with your friends Joanne.

I will always remember Katherine.  I was in my late twenties when I met her and I always looked forward to her visits.  She would come from Montreal to visit Joanne in New Brunswick.  She became a mother figure to all of us who were living far from our own mothers.  We loved her lady-like, kind, gentle and calm approach to life.  I feel lucky to possess a framed reproduction of all Katherine’s Words to Live By.  There will be more to come.  

I thought of this phrase when I read the blog post of a much younger social media classmate.  It’s about having a quarter life crisis.  When I read her post I immediately thought of Katherine’s words and wanted to advise my young friend to not stress and just start living.  It really does take a heap of living to make a life journey and we never know where or when the journey will end.

It is all too easy to dismiss stress felt by young people as trivial because we boomers know what  is to come – more stress! However, every phase or decade of life has stressful periods.  When you are in each phase it is very real to you, regardless of your age.  I commend Natalie for writing a post about the new version of mid-life crisis on her blog.  There are many whole blogs devoted to the subject.  I want to be informed of the stress my own sons may face as young men graduating and entering the workforce. Thankfully, Natalie is not dwelling on it. She is busy looking for work and having fun.  I wish for her many jobs, more fun and minimal stress.  I wish for her a “heap of living.”

Here is a definition of quarter life crisis and a link to Natalie’s post.


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