Staying Alive in the 905

Social Media Policy

I began this blog as a requirement for my public relations social media class at McMaster University.   It is my first blog.  I plan to continue blogging and following other blogs.

It will be about several things – gardening, shopping, travel, parenting, friendships and life in the West 905.  I will write about what I know, places I’ve visited and and products I’ve tried. 

I have not in the past or present received any renumeration and/or product for any mentions of business or product I may include in my blog posts.  I will exercise full disclosure if such a circumstance presents itself.

I am unemployed and do not have clients. 

I do express my opinions and they are my opinions.  I will try my best to respect the opinions of others.  My goal is always to be the voice of reason.

If I write about a product it means I have personally tried the product, unless otherwise stated.

If I write about a business it means I have visited that establishment and wish to share my experience.

I welcome your comments about my blog. I also welcome your opinions.  I do request that your comments also be respectful of others.  I reserve the right to moderate all comments.


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