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I am so loving these videos from Muppet Studio.  Long live the Muppets!

Play it again!

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Smilebox is a fun program that allows total amateurs such as myself to put pictures and music together like this slide show below.

You can also use it to make cards, invitations and scrapbooks.  Smilebox provides hundreds of templates – seasonal, special occasion, or plain.

It’s free, unless you want more elements than provided.  Then you would have to pay for a premium membership to have access to more music selection or download your own etc. 

I made a few things with the free program and have recently paid for more selection and sharing options.

This is a collection of pictures I took during the grey days of late October when the only sunshine was provided by the leaves at Joe Sams Park in Waterdown.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Mellow Yellow '09
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