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box day saleSpanner’s warehouse sale was a month ago but NOW both of the showroom locations have marked down the current fall/winter line. It’s an early Boxing Week sale. 


GoCooking at the Hamilton Spectator has announced their line-up of sessions for the 2010 winter season.  View and register here.

Tonight I will be serving the salad on a pretzel stick that I learned to make during my GoCooking session at the Spec’s test kitchen in November.  It is a basic tomato and bocconcini salad but I will not prepare it on a plate as pictured.

I will use a wooden skewer to pierce each mini boccocini and each small grape tomato.  Then I will thread one tomato, one basil leaf and one boccocini onto a long pretzel or skinny bread stick.  Voila! Salad on a stick.  The salad sticks will be arranged on a plate and drizzled with balsamic dressing.  Each of my guests can select a stick and eat their salad as finger food.


I can’t put this factory sale in the Bargain Buys category but it is definitely a discount on a quality product.

Two years in a row, while accompanying my husband on business related trips, I admired the very simple but chic bag carried by his colleague.  She used it as a purse and carry-all combined and…. though made of waxed cloth…it looked just like a brown paper bag.  I later discovered they are made in the Cambridge area and then learned of this annual sale.

This event only happens once each year.  Last year I ventured to this very old Hespler neighbourhood and inside an old factory (or is it a mill?) I found the headquarters of the Brave Brown Bag company.  The sale inventory was not vast but I bought gifts for several people.  I enjoyed being in the actual work room where the product is made and meeting the women behind the product. 

Brave Brown Bag (le sac de Charlotte) is a division of the Charlotte McKeough Co. Inc., 125 Guelph Ave., Cambridge (Hespler). Apparently Charlotte started making these bags years ago in her home in Toronto – then had the sense to move herself and the business west to Cambridge.

Last year at this event some of the fabric was available for sale also.  It would make wonderful outdoor table cloths. The bags are becoming popular in New England.  Lucky for me – the factory sale is a short drive from my home in the West 905.  You may want to look at their web site before you go.


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