Staying Alive in the 905


I live in the “west” 905 area of Ontario in a rural pocket of the Golden Horseshoe.  I enjoy the big cities and all they offer, especially shopping but prefer to not to live in one.  I am always happy to drive in to Toronto and then happy to leave it behind.  It is possible to live a rich, varied life in the 905.  Follow me.

I started this blog as an assignment for the Social Media course in the McMaster Continuing Education Public Relations certificate program.  I’m still in the learning process but enjoying every minute.

Life now is all about re-inventing myself and adapting.  I’ve had many journeys and am ready for more.  I have been a wife, mother, public relations officer, mega volunteer, ski instructor, and dutiful daughter to dying father. As “Nanuk” the  hockey mom I logged countless kilometers in my vans.  Now my nest is almost empty.  I strive to stay current, have fun and maintain my wonderful friendships. 

I “opted out” of work to raise my family and never regretted it.  Now I want  to know if I can opt back in and am almost ready to make an attempt.  Wish me luck!



2 Responses to "About"

enjoying your blog Sonja, and yes you can never buy back the time with your children. Kids grow very, very fast and all of a sudden they are gone from the home. . .

I have one daughter; she will be twenty-eight in December and is teaching in northern Saskatachewan. We talk several times a week on the phone and correspond also via social media. I know though, that we won’t actually be seeing each other until next summer. There is snow there already and the drive from Saskatoon is 5 hours with over 2 hours with no cell phone coverage and on a gravel road.

Thanks Allyson,

I enjoy learning about what other people’s children are doing as young adults. I’ll be anxious to see where mine live and what they will choose for employment. My oldest will graduate from university in the spring. My middle is in first year and my youngest still home in grade 11. All boys!! I could do a blog just about my all male household.
See you in class,

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