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Online Shopping

Posted on: December 19, 2009

In the past the only online shopping I did was for books through Chapters/Indigo.

This year I have done more online shopping for Christmas gifts than in the past five years combined.

I’m glad I did.  It has been convenient and reliable.  I have started to make purchases online for items other than Christmas gifts.  I have learned to go first to the Air Miles shops because if I can access a store via that site I will earn air miles for my purchase.  For example if I shop at Apple via the Air Miles shopping site I earn air miles but do not earn them if I shop at the Apple store at the mall.

I was glad to see a good review in the National Post recently regarding a Canadian discount designer shop – Beyond the Rack.  It is a bit like an online Winners.  Once again, you can shop at Beyond the Rack via the Air Miles site.  I’ve made two purchases from this site and am happy with the merchandise.  There is the option to return but I have not needed to yet.  It is based in Montreal.  It is like a club and you must sign up for membership but it is free.

For many years it seemed that we did not have good Canadian online shopping and I was reluctant to shop from a U.S. site.  Now that we have good Canadian sites I think I will be doing more shopping online.  What about you?

                   I would love to know about other reliable Canadian shopping sites.  Please share.


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