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‘Tis the Season….

Posted on: December 3, 2009


When I go to the One of a Kind Craft Show tomorrow in Toronto I will seek out one of my favourite vendors – Joanne Jones of Mined Recreations, Cambridge.  In fact, I purchased my discount admission via the email link she sent to me. I met Joanne a few years ago at Toronto’s The Clothing Show. 

Her product caught my eye because it had a polished, well finished, professional look.  I’ll be honest I usually walk by most vendors of clothing or accessories made from recycled materials.  Let’s face it – I’m 53 and I have no desire to revisit my granola chick days.  Been there, done that! It’s a style best reserved for the young.

However Joanne’s handbags and mitts are tasteful and stylish.  My Midgey bag has served me well and… because of the real wool blanket used it keeps my lap warm in arenas.  I wish I’d purchased those cashmere mittens I tried on!

“Mined” doesn’t just refer to the mining of old sweaters, coats, ties and denim for her materials.  Mined is denim spelled backwards and the first bags she made were from denim. 

(Above) One of Joanne’s Shearer bags!

What I really like is that Joanne does this as a hobby and donates part of her proceeds to help educate young women in South Africa.  Visit her web site and learn about those young women.  Also check out her section about custom orders.  I love the story about using a WWII blanket to make bags for the daughters of a veteran.

Happy shopping!


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