Staying Alive in the 905

Words to Live By….

Posted on: November 13, 2009

“Brag was a good dog but he was still a dog!

My father, John D. McLaughlin, would say this if he ever caught his children bragging or boasting.

I try to remember these words as I muddle my way through life and yes, I’ve used them to cut my sons down a peg or two.  No one is perfect.  Parents and grandparents boast about their children and grandchildren and I think to some extent that is allowed.  I am guilty of this offense on occasion.  My sons now fire it back at me if they catch me being boastful.

My father’s intent was to stop us from boasting about possessions or activities that we were lucky enough to experience and others may not.  He also never rewarded us for A’s on our report cards.  He always said “The A is your reward for your effort and it is ample reward – be proud of that.”

I miss my father very much. 

Be sure to remind me of this if you ever catch me being a braggart!



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