Staying Alive in the 905

Worth the drive to the 905

Posted on: November 12, 2009

Yes, sometimes it is worth the drive to the 905 and… yes, sometimes I prefer to shop local.

I have a personal policy.  If I get good customer service and feel welcome at a store then I will gladly shop there and not scour for bargains elsewhere.  If I get little or no service then I may as well get a discount by shopping at a place where I am expected to look after myself and then get rewarded for it by paying a lower price.(i.e. Winners)  I especially frown upon young employees who are not nice to those who hold the purse strings – parents!

Shopping with my sons sometimes means I need to bite my tongue and forsake my policy in the name of coolness or ‘sic’dom.  Not at Boredem in Waterdown.

Boredem is the kind of place where I, as a mom, don’t mind spending money.  I’m not made to feel like a total loser because I’m a ‘rent!  

My sons get the board shoes they want or the skate/snow boarding gear and I don’t feel like they overpaid.  In fact, quite the opposite.  I have always left that store feeling like they want to help teens get the latest and greatest gear or clothes without overcharging them.  For example,  if they sense that money is tight they will suggest a cheaper binding that is by the same company and just as good.  Or they may reveal ahead of time that a sale is coming up.  They try to make everyone happy – kids and parents.  They truly want the customer to return and I never feel like my guys were ripped off or gouged. They also service what they sell.

My sons have some favourite stores in Toronto also but when it comes to shoes we always go to Boredem first.  We only go elsewhere if Boredem doesn’t have the model or size desired and can’t get anymore.

Boredem is an example of a young entrepreneur achieving success with the backing and support of his parents.  Back in 1996 Matt Mincoff was a teen skateboarding enthusiast who knew there was a local market waiting to be tapped.  He was tired of driving long distances to get what he needed.  So he opened Boredem.  His parents had considerable retail experience. He benefitted from their good advice and counsel.  

Matt also founded a local skateboarding club.  Then he lobbied for and helped design a skate park for Waterdown’s Memorial Park.  His business sponsors events such as the Cop Shop Skate Jam 2009 competition held this summer in conjunction with the Hamilton Police Services at Turner Park in Hamilton.  Boredem is a proud supporter of the Co-op Education program at Waterdown District High School.  Students have been placed there for over 10 years.

Despite owning the store, Matt did complete post secondary education.  While he was at school his parents minded the store for him and sometimes can still be found there.  They understand about kids wanting more than they can afford.  However, Boredem is about the real deal.  They take their skating seriously and offer top product lines.   

Boredem does not have a web site but there is a blog featuring product arrivals and videos etc.  Have a look.

Boredem, at 419 Dundas St. E., Waterdown, ON  905-689-5007




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