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Tassimo, Tassimo, Tassimo

Posted on: November 12, 2009

BACKLASH EFFECT – Is there such a thing?  I’m feeling it.

I have discovered this week that  online communities are much like every other community.  There are people who are considered to be “insiders” while some of us can be made to feel like “outsiders”.  This post could be interpreted to mean that I am feeling like sour grapes about not getting a free Tassimo machine last Saturday.  I am not. What I want is for everyone who did to stop talking about it.

You see Kraft Canada held an awesome event in Toronto on November 7 to promote their Tassimo “on-demand” coffee machine. This is the link to the event.  I would have gone for Sarah Richardson minus the coffee.  As a consumer who follows several bloggers and subscribes to their emails I heard a lot about this leading up to the event and… I registered online hoping to be one of the 1,000 who attended.  Each successful ticket holder would receive a free Tassimo machine.  I knew it would be popular and just like a contest my odds were slim but I tried.  End of story!  So I thought.

Ever since the event it has become very clear to me that the established consumer bloggers and mommy bloggers I follow were all at the event.  Every day since they have been twittering about the Tassimo machines they received and how much they LOVE it.

I’m sure the people behind this event are counting all these tweet mentions and measuring their success.  They sure got a lot of advertising from it and now I’ve provided more.  

However, there are so many repeated mentions that I’m wondering if everyone at that event was hypnotized and told to tweet at least once per day about their wonderful coffee machine.   Hey, if I got one I would have put on a great big thank you also.  I doubt I would still be promoting it five days later.

So…I am feeling like wielding the whip of backlash and boycotting the Tassimo altogether.  I can’t afford one now anyhow and there are competitors.  Is it a coincidence that Nescafe is promoting their Dolce Gusto machine a lot lately? (NO, I haven’t even looked at prices)

I can’t speak for all applicants who would have liked to be at the event but, as for me, I’ve tired of the tweets and I can honestly say it’s been a turn-off.  So much for free promos on social media.  I guess the real measure of success will be in sales of the machines -but hey, everyone who is twittering this week got theirs for free! 

Maybe it’s just me who feels this way.   Maybe I need to adjust who I follow on Twitter.  See you at Tim’s!



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