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Bargain Buys

Posted on: November 7, 2009

Some of my favourite warehouse sales are held at this time of year. I’m on a budget lately so I have not visited the current Spanner Warehouse Blowout Sale in Kitchener. (Yes, it is hard to stay away!) It started Monday, November 2 and will continue through Tuesday, November 10 at Bingemans in the Embassy Room. I’ve attended several of the Spanner sales during the past 10 years. It’s good quality women’s wear. Here’s the flyer.  A great site that helps me know where to find the best deals and when is the Toronto Shopping Guide to Discount Shopping.

I was in Milton today so I consoled myself by popping into Bomar Bargain Barn. If I have time I always take a look. You never know what you might find but you can count on most of the merchandise being similar to Costco.  I’ve been told that much of the merchandise comes from there.  Hint: If Costco has changed seasons drop into Bomar Bargain Barn for some deals.  I’m fairly certain that Costco returns end up there as well.  Sometimes you can get pieces of a set such as extra cups for your Magic Bullet blender etc.  It’s my go to place for the towels and bedding  my guys need when they head out to university.  If I time it right, I can find those great Costco beach towels.  They also carry furniture, clothing, books and electronics. 

As the name suggests Bomar is not fancy.  If you see something you like – buy it. It  won’t be there tomorrow.   Today I found a pallet of the bags of spring bulbs by Longfield Gardens on a 2 for 1 clear out.  Result: 90 daffodil bulbs for $12.00 and 200 muscari for $12.00.  I did not see tulips but was really only looking for daffodils.  Since the weather forecast for the next few days is good for planting I bought six bags.  I’ve been meaning to plant more bulbs and the timing was right for this weekend.  I’ve had great success with this product in the past.  I’ll be planting on Sunday.

Bomar is located at 311 Steeles Ave., Milton.  Oh and it’s not a barn!  It is actually a double unit in a small strip plaza.  It is NOT open on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.  I don’t know if they have a return policy or what it is.  I don’t buy there unless I’m sure I want it.  I just found out they do have a website.


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Thanks for suggesting Bomar, Sonja! We found some great stuff there yesterday and a couple of things we’re thinking about going back to get. I know you said if you like it, buy it, but fortunately they’re closed the next three days, so hopefully we’ll be fine!


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