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“All I know is that you can never buy back time with your children!”

–my mother, 21 years ago when I was trying to decide whether or not to return to work full-time.

She was right.  It doesn’t mean that mothers shouldn’t work but is a good reminder to all parents to make the most of the time we do have with our children before they become adults.

As a Home and School Association volunteer I met many wonderful people who always put the needs of children first.  Judith Bishop is one of them.  She has been a trustee for the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board for 20 years.  Prior to that she was a social worker and a kindergarten teacher.  Everyone in Hamilton should be grateful for her service – even if they don’t live in her ward.  She works tirelessly for the cause of public education and now she is blogging.

I admire Judith and I am always interested in what she is saying and thinking regarding education in Hamilton and Ontario.  She makes a difference because she cares.   I list her blog, All Childrens Potential, on my links.


Even though I am way past the “yummy mummy” stage of life I do enjoy reading some of the bloggers on the Yummy Mummy Club site.    Over 20 women contribute blogs to the site.  I list a couple on my blog roll.  This week something in the “articles” section caught my eye.  Patricia Volonakis is about to turn 52.  In this article she reflects on what she has learned about life and being female.  I agreed with every one of her ten points/rules to live by.  Hopefully some younger women will see this article and take note.

I also think about “What I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger”.  Take a look.

Some products work so well they deserve some free advertising.  I love it when I find something that makes my life easier.

Often the best products are the oldest products.  When it comes to laundry I know of what I speak.  I’ve raised three boys, all hockey players.  I’ve washed a lot of foul-smelling gym and hockey gear.  

Borax is not just for science experiments.  The green box in the laundry detergent aisle boasting the strength of 20 mule teams really is ‘nature’s deodorizer’.  Detergent alone will not remove the odour of sweat.  Stain removers will not improve the smell but adding borax will freshen up almost everything.  

My grandmother taught me about this.  One summer in New Brunswick my son was working in a fish plant and I complained that I could not remove the smell from his work clothes no matter what I tried.   Ma to the rescue!  She asked, “Don’t you use Borax?”   Hmmm.  I always wondered what was in that green box.  I wasn’t much of a science student.

You must keep it away from children as this powder is toxic if ingested.  If you do not have young children or pets mix it with a bit of sugar and put it out to kill ants.  They love it.

Now there is a new product that I love.  Yes, I get excited about detergent.  Win is a liquid laundry detergent specifically for washing gym/workout wear. I’ve only seen it at Shopper’s Drug Mart.  There is regular scent and a “green” unscented version that works just as well. I’ve bought and used both.  They both remove the sweat odours but I prefer the unscented.

Sometimes I use both Win and Borax in the same putrid load.

Now if only the boys would bring their stuff to the laundry room more often.  I won’t go into the hockey bags.

I’m a lucky woman. I have many friends and strong family ties.  I  cherish their words of wisdom.  I incorporate them into my speech and pass them on to others.

Where the words originated is less important to me than the speaker I have known.  I’ll be dotting my blog with these in memory of those we’ve lost and those who continue to make life interesting.

“A weed is only a weed if you don’t want it there; some weeds are pretty!”
—-my grandmother, Marcia Cheney, Grand Manan Island, N.B.

She was right.  On my walk today I found there are still vibrant golden rod and wild asters on the roadside  despite the lateness of the season.   They are very pretty.

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